The company was launched in 1945, with a sole goal to provide affluent content textbooks to educate the younger generation so as to become a better teacher of tomorrow and thus build a path for the bright future of the nation.
History &

Under the leadership of Late Shri Vinod Kumar Agarwal, the company post independence made alliance with great philosophers and educationists of the country and published books on teacher education that brought a huge paradigm shift in the minds of younger generations about the knowledge on how to design and shape the educational trends for the emerging Indian society and how to strengthen the development of education system in India. Thus, our books paved the path for best teaching methodologies and practices for the teachers of future.

Company witnessed a golden era and dramatic change in its work culture, growth and management style during 80's under the reins of Mr. Ravi Agrawal.


In year 2007, Mr. Ravi Agrawal re-branded his former publishing company to Agrawal Publications, India. With the passion to provide rich content, attractive textbooks at low price, he laid crucial goals i.e. produce textbooks in other domains of education and in other regional languages and to create a sales force that is able to reach teachers and students in the remotest part of the country.

Appreciation of our teacher education books in Gujarati language and our publications in the domains of Political Science, Sociology, Economics and Engineering (AXIOE BOOKS, INDIA) are few examples to highlight the company's commitment towards providing quality education to the society of learners and self-learners.

Under the continuous leadership of Mr. Ravi Agrawal, the company has now become the leading publisher of quality textbooks in various domains such as B.Ed., M.Ed., Diploma in Education, B.A.- Home Science, Political Science, Sociology, Economics, Psychology and Education.

An Invitation to Authors

As books are a rich source of knowledge, meaningful and rich content in a book is the most essential part for a book's popularity among its readers. It is due to the efforts and hard-work of our great authors that we hold credibility among our readers and partners. These authors have trusted us with their years of hard work and we as a team are working equally hard when it comes to printing, designing and pitching up their books in the market. Moreover, it is the passion to achieve ones goal that makes a difference. And this is what, that is driving us in making successful collaborations with renowned teachers in such a short duration of time.

We welcome you to be a part of our family and together lets brighten the world with power of knowledge.